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The ORIGAMI lamp emerges from the sacred geometry within the Flower of Life, a symbol that is considered a visual expression of the connections between all forms of life. This sacred form has been found in temples, manuscripts and pieces of art from all over, from India to Peru, Egypt, China or Japan.

The Polypropylene fiber Tyvek® is a lasting, washable, unbreakable and recyclable material that provides the ORIGAMI lamp with a delicate texture and a bright and clear light.

This is a numbered special edition that includes fragments of the poem "When the light appears", by Allen Ginsberg.

Materials: Tyvek® by DuPont™; acrylic; vinyl.
Dimensions: 50 × 43 × 25 cm

Designed by Gabriel Fontanillo (www.gabrielfontanillo.com) for NUR.

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